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andy murray tennis shoes

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  • gary_bydesign
    10-13 09:09 PM
    nice but your button text is not the same size and position when you rollover them.

    the small false looks too small and moves left a bit.

    (try rolling over them like true false true false)

    but nice bits from swift looks like you read the help file lolol.

    (me too)

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  • Andy+murray+tennis+racquet

  • kirupa
    05-16 02:14 PM
    Added all four of your nice stamps up :beam:

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  • Andy Murray#39;s great feats all

  • gcdeal
    06-29 12:29 PM
    It is ok to have more than 2 in U.S. Again, it all depends on an individual.

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  • loudobbs
    08-20 09:27 AM
    when did you receive the notice? Which service center?

    Any one??

    Whats next??


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  • raysaikat
    11-09 05:15 PM

    My wife came to US on H4 and changed to F1 status thru COS. She is doing Masters 2nd semester and went for F1 visa stamping this week in India. She got 221(g) pink slip asking explain her projects, plans afer study etc. Visa officier withheld her passport and I20.
    BTW the way I am on H1B and provided all the financial support documents.
    I searched the online didnt any F1 getting 221(g) pink.

    1)If anyone else got this for F1 please share your experiences and any tips.

    2)How long it takes after repsonding to thier queries

    3)what are the chances getting visa after getting 221(g) pink

    4) Do you suggest getting any professional in drafting the reponse to te queries.. if so do you know any one in Hyderabad, India


    Submit what the IO requested. With F1, the usual problem is proving no intent for immigration.

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  • sai
    03-27 09:08 PM
    what would be the likely effect of this ?


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  • yaasir
    10-28 03:21 PM
    Thank You kirupa, it works.
    Great work

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  • SlowRoasted
    04-24 10:28 PM
    not bad dude;)


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  • QuickGreenCard
    09-29 11:43 PM
    Well I am an employee currently and no consultant. I am planning to do the same with the new employer...

    what you mean by the "terms".... anything related to immigration or benefits wise....

    please be more clear


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  • ameryki
    10-13 06:21 PM
    You did well. :-). Congrats


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  • ajju
    02-06 01:15 AM
    Guess its easier.. and then they give negative reps instead of answers... Anyway.. Seems IV is losing focus and with this attitude of majority.. many more will go away...

    I'll request all contributors to feel proud but don't boast all the time of your contributions and expect contributions from the others rather than questions...

    I expect more negative.. as this is the latest trend in IV.. Anyway... where there is a will.. there is a way.. So I'll find my answer :-) and will continue answering folks who need... People will contribute at their pace and in the manner they feel good... You just can't force them... without being an example...

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  • Nole2007
    07-02 03:49 PM
    My situation is tricky here. I would really appreciate any inputs.

    My six years validity for H-1 B will be complete in Mid Dec 2007. I filed my Labor on March 5th in Atlanta. As you know the ATLANTA center is really really slow and I am still waiting on my Labor approval decision. I thought of applying 140 through Premium Processing. Now USCIS suspended premium processing for 140s. My question is:

    Whay will be my situation if my Labor gets approved and 140 is pending as of dec 2007 as the LC is filed with less than 365 days remaining on H1 validity? Will I be out of status or can I apply for 7th year extension.

    Please guide me through the process and any scenarios. Thank you in advance.


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  • ranand00
    02-09 07:03 AM
    Thanks for the reply
    I thought cap to non-cap transfer could be done anytime
    again if someone has similar experience or an attorney please reply

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  • gcpuzzle
    03-10 03:39 PM
    As as long as your job title says software engineer and your job description is close enough, you should be fine. Junior .. senior doesn't matter and they are pretty common.


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  • larmani
    09-28 07:32 PM
    Mine was approved after 2 weeks and it was premium processing(approved on July 12th)

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  • a2k2
    06-15 08:01 PM
    Yes I did send a copy of her I-485.


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  • narasimha.cse@gmail.com
    11-20 08:25 PM
    Thanks a lot for your suggestion,

    Can you please brief me out regarding the procedure . I know this sounds very basics but I am pretty new to the country and the procedures .

    Hope you understand ,

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Jaime
    09-15 10:23 PM
    I'm not from India but I believe in Karma. We create our own future through our actions. If we perform a good action today we can expect a good result. That is why it is so important that the undecided people attend the rally!

    Think of retrogression as Sansara. A vicious circle. It is only by acting and creating our own Karma that we will get out of Maya and see reality. Our gren cards will not fall from the sky, we have to go get them! By not going to Washington and assuming that your green card will suddenly appear out of nowhere, you are proving to yourself that you are stuck in some sort of immigration avidya.

    We need to act with selflessness as in Karma Yoga, so that we can understand how our unity will bring the results we seek, to all of us.

    Remember Arjuna when he realizes before the battle that his enemies are his own family. We at IV should not be our own enemies by not attending the rally, because we all know what Krishna told Arjuna: "Your duty is to fight"

    Instead of hurting each other, we need to use karma and our friendship for each other to unite in our common cause and fight. Remember, our duty is to fight, it is our choice then to fight against each other (by not attending the rally and letting others do it) or fight all together, united against retrogression, and create the good Karma that will ultimately defeat the broken immigration system.

    We all are family! Let's fight together friends!!! Come JOIN US IN DC!!!!

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  • Ruta
    07-28 12:15 PM
    Please someone tell me whether Ac21 portability 180 days rule applies from the day USCIS receives the application or whether it starts from day you get I-485 Receipt #????

    In our case USCIS recieved our application on July 2nd and we have not received receipt # yet. so 180 day clock starts ticking on July 2nd?

    03-09 08:37 PM
    "i need to adjust my status, its needed in the i-485 application"

    Only last I-94 is needed in the I-485 application. In my application I just had one. Here is the link to I485 form from USCIS http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-485.pdf

    09-21 05:12 PM
    PD: 6/14/04
    I485 RD: 6/14/07
    I485 ND: 7/10/07
    FP date: 8/22/07
    Welcome Notice date: 9/18/07
    I-485 Approval Sent Notice: 9/20/07
    I-485 LUD: 7/10/07(ND), 8/22/07(FP), 9/14/07 ,9/18/07(Welcome notice) ,9/20/17 (approval notice)

    I-765 Approval date: 9/19/07
    AP: pending

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