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  • sangmami
    04-19 05:31 PM
    I am changing jobs from ohio to another state ,job title and description are same..but the pay mght be 20%less....

    Is this gonna be a problem or is it ok if the new pay is more than the prevailing wage for that state..for the same job description.

    My details..
    7th yr of h1b
    pd 2007 mar
    i 485 filed---during july 2007
    will use ac21 for the future job?


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  • karthik204
    03-30 03:46 PM

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  • richasamuel@yahoo.com
    09-06 01:53 AM
    Raise has nothing to do with GC processing.Decision of Raise Limit is set by employer and promotion does comes with change in job description.Keep one thing in mind Corporations make profit out of everybody whether its customers or employees doesnt matter.Corporations exists to make profits.by the way do you work for non-profit organization ?? in that case things are a little different based on finanicial availability.

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  • kaisersose
    03-27 11:52 PM
    Thanks for that link. It is good to know that there is a possibility that I-140 PP may come back in the near future, even if in phases.

    One comforting factor here is the extra $1000 is big money for no extra work which is very tempting to USCIS. So everyone knew they would bring it back as soon as the load became manageable, but the big question was when would the load become manageable.

    Now from the article, it looks like it may start happening very soon.


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  • reddy2cool
    08-20 01:17 PM
    Thanks a lot guys. Sincerely appreciate your reply.

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  • sgorla
    06-21 03:19 PM
    My attorney sent me G-325A to fill up. It has 4 similar pages, where you need to enter your information. Now, my question is do I need to fill out all four pages with my information, and then fill out another 4 pages with my wife's info?

    Please advise me if anyone has filled out thi s form.



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  • Rb_newsletter
    10-05 09:35 PM
    I saw in one of the thread one attorney said this kind of RFEs are not problem. I will post the link if I find that thread.

    See if you can get a copy of the original birth certificate from the school. if you can get it, just notarize it and submit the notarized copy.

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  • eb3retro
    08-12 07:36 AM
    is part of its profit going to IV? only then IV folks will support it. else, please do not use this siite for your commercial purpose.

    Check this out! a visa bulletin & processing time iPhone App.

    VisaProcs App provides you with the most recent visa bulletin and
    processing times for petitions and applications submitted to the USCIS.

    Here is the iTunes link:
    VisaProcs - Visa Bulletin & Service Centers Processing Time for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/visaprocs-visa-bulletin-service/id385683853?mt=8)


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  • garybanz
    09-28 06:10 PM
    Will call in, thanks for scheduling this call.


    Texas IV Members Conference Call

    WHEN: Saturday, September 29th, 2007 @ 12:00 PM NOON

    Call this number - 785-686-2400
    Please join the Texas State Chapter and obtain the PIN.

    See ya'll tomorrow

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  • james_bond_007
    03-25 08:18 PM
    Your case is with TSC or NSC ? . TSC online system has been down for over 2 months now ( no updates after 2/10/09 ).


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-07 08:10 PM
    Temporary Protected Status and Expired Employment Authorization Documents

    One must accept a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiary's expired Employment Authorization Document (EAD) if DHS has automatically extended its validity in a Federal Register notice. Automatically extended EADs are listed on the USCIS web site. EADs issued to TPS beneficiaries will include one of two category codes: �A-12� or �C-19.� You must not require an employee to provide proof that he or she is a national of a country that has been designated for TPS.

    When creating a new case in E-Verify for newly hired TPS beneficiaries, select �Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766)� as the document presented and use the date to which the EAD was automatically extended as the expiration date. We recommend that you read the TPS information on the USCIS web site carefully, as the EAD automatic extension is usually shorter than the TPS extension date.

    When re-verifying an existing TPS beneficiary�s employment authorization in Section 3 of Form I-9, write down the date to which the EAD was automatically extended as the expiration date. Never use E-Verify to re-verify an existing employee�s employment authorization.

    Once the automatic extension of the EAD expires, re-verify the employee�s employment authorization again in Section 3 of either the original Form I-9 or a new Form I-9. The employee may choose to present a new, unexpired EAD, or any other document from List A or C of Form I-9 that shows he or she continues to be authorized to work in the United States. Federal contractors with the FAR E-Verify clause must follow special rules for verifying new and existing employees, including employees in TPS status. Federal Contractor needs to check the Supplemental Guide for Federal Contractors for more information.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2010/07/everify_news_tps_beneficiary.html)

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  • webm
    11-08 01:30 PM
    1. Can my wife apply for a visa after she starts using EAD? and later can she extend her H4 along with my H1 extension which I'm going to apply mid next year?

    2.Is it ok to travel just on AP for her if she doesnt want to apply visa?



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  • glen
    04-12 02:56 PM
    Kudos to Mr.Aman Kapoor and Ms.Shilpa Ghodgaonkar !!!!

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  • Chicago Desi
    01-18 03:41 PM
    Hello There,

    I want to apply for my 3 yrs H extension using preminum processing. Can i do that by just using the email confirmation from USCIS that I-140 petition was approved? My 1-140 petition was approved in Dec,2006 and still have not recived my approval notice.


    If I recall correctly, you need to send a copy of approved i140 to request 3 years extension.


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  • upuaut8
    04-20 07:26 PM
    you can download a full version of swift 3d v2.0 at
    so theres no need to purchase

    (If you attempt to post this link again on this board, your ezboard account will be submitted to management for cancelation. You are in violation of your signed contract with ezboard for attempting to post this information. Please reread the rules of conduct for ezboard usage. You will not be warned again.)

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  • jazzy
    12-12 09:44 AM

    I had a quick question with EAD I understand that I can switch job after 180 days as long as there is 50% match in job description. However my companiy's legal coordiantor send me a weird query that she cannot find the job in hard to fill category. So my question is Does the job I am applying for using my EAD has to be hard to fill as in case of H1 or the only requirement is that the job description should match 50% with the underlying LC.

    Thanks for your answers.


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  • gcnyc
    07-03 02:10 PM
    Hello all,

    My I-140 was approved in EB2 with company B from TSC with PD:01/26/2004 and I-140 pending in EB2 with RFE in the present company A. I do not know at this point when it will be cleared. BTW receipt no# is with EAC. Does it mean it went to NSC for processing? It is high time for me to shift to company B on H1 transfer as per our understanding. Presently I am on 7th year extension and left with 2 months for 8th year ext.


    (1) Can I transfer to company B based on recent I-140 approval and get 3 year extension?

    (2)If I have to get 3 year ext. I have to wait until I-140 is cleared from present company and then got for 3 year ext. then transfer to company B. But I guess it will be long wait and no one know what happens until the RFE is get okayed and I-140 will be approved. So my choice here is very limited in that aspect.

    Crux of the problem is that I have better opportunities out side the present company and running short of time to make a firm decision to tell the present employer that I am looking out side which is very sensitive issue to handle on all other aspects.

    I just received copy of I-140 approval notice from my attorney. So time is running out for me to make a decision in shifitng company from A to B.

    I need your guidance and suggestions in making my future decisions?

    Appreciate every one here.

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  • CantLeaveAmerica
    04-09 01:08 PM
    I dont think it is mandatory..please look at this:
    The adjudicating officer must determine whether the employment-based
    I-485 meets waiver of interview criteria set forth below.
    � The principal applicant is employed by the same petitioner who submitted
    the approved underlying employment-based visa petition.
    � The principal applicant has been interviewed in the course of an
    investigation or field examination, and the adjudicating examiner
    determines that further interview of the applicant is unnecessary.
    � The principal applicant has been approved as an alien of extraordinary
    ability or alien of exceptional ability and is otherwise eligible for
    adjustment of status.
    � The principal applicant has been approved as an outstanding professor or
    researcher, or a multinational executive/manager and has a continuing
    offer of employment from the same petitioner who submitted the
    underlying approved petition.
    � Adjustment applicants who received national interest waivers based on
    performing primary medical care to a medically under-served area must
    demonstrate that they intend to continue according to the terms and
    conditions of the underlying petition.
    � Sufficient evidence is contained in the record to support a denial of the
    adjustment of status application. For example, if an I-485 that should
    have been rejected at Visa Screening/INS Review was accepted in error, a
    denial would be processed by the adjudicating officer.

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  • salvador marley
    05-06 04:24 PM
    well if i sell 25 million stamps at this price, that will make me an american millionaire but living in england i will only make �529,030 - so i better come up with a better design :)

    03-31 01:43 PM
    I recently applied for a PAN Card. Got a DD through my parents in India and sent the form. Today they sent a mail with following --

    1) We are yet to receive payment for application.- Kindly e-mail Cheque /DD no. and date on which amount has been debited from your account

    2) Photograph provided is not proper for scanning.

    Have any one faced similar problem ? A valid DD was included and they say they did not receive the payment ?? Also, the photo was of right size and clear enough so I am not sure what else to do.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    06-07 12:24 PM
    As far as I know once you use 6 years of H1 you can only regain it is by leaving US for 1 full year and can re-enter on a new H1.

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