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  • eb3retro
    01-29 02:26 PM
    I would anticipate EAD to be processed in max of 3 months and AP in 2 months.
    Would also add a buffer of 2 weeks (just in case).

    Thanks Krishna...

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  • wandmaker
    05-12 12:53 PM
    Hi. I am currently here in the US applying for AOS from a B2 to F1 visa. I sent my application on the 26th April with USPS Express mail request return reciept. My current 1 94 expired on April 28th. My return receipt from USPS says that my item was signed for on April 28th leaving me still in status but when I received my I 797 C it says that the receipt date is April 29th. I am very worried and I am wondering if this is something I should call their customer services department about. I do not want my application denied simply because I may seem not to be in status. Please help, I am very worried.

    As long as you have a copy of the delivery receipt you are good and not out of status.

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  • kirupa
    08-09 09:16 PM
    Sorry - I am having a great deal of difficulty understanding your question or the problem you are trying to solve.

    What is the draft? What properties are you trying to change?

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  • bpratap
    09-10 02:05 AM
    How do U know if FBI Name check is complete or not ?

    PD - EB3 - Oct 2001
    486 - RD 06/05
    1st FP - 07/13/2005
    1st SR - 08/04/2006 - Shame Background check pending responce
    Transfer to V to T on 03/15/07
    2nd FP - 05/08/07
    2nd SR - 06/28/2007 - Shame Background check pending responce
    FBI NC Cleared - 10/09/2007


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  • busybee2512
    06-14 12:01 PM
    I went to graduate school in the US, (majored in Architecture) and was on an F1 visa from the period 2006-2009.I graduated in Aug 2008 and applied for an H1 through a consultancy firm.The petition for an H1 visa was approved, but I decided to return back home anyway and came home in 2009.

    2 weeks ago, I visited the States for a week for a conference on a B1/B2 visa. I eventually want to return to the States and work there and therefore, need advice in this regard...

    Given that my petition for an H1 has been approved, will the company that offers me employment have to reapply for an H1 for me?Or can the H1 be transferred from the Consultant company(that got me the H1), to the new company easily?!

    Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated!

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  • goatlip
    10-24 02:41 PM
    Here is an example of what legoman was talking about above.

    3D shadow example (http://www.joshandmaggie.com/outlier/holder.html)

    email me and I can send you the .t3d file if you like.


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  • roseball
    03-31 10:49 PM
    If the new PWD guidelines were effective 01/01/10, then it shouldn't effect your PWD since it was filed on 12/30/09. You should try and find some document or FAQs to prove the same and send them to your lawyer. My guess is he might have messed up something in your process and is trying to cover it up with this story. Its better to have him re-start the process in that case because if he infact messed up something and he files your PERM, it could be potentially denied which will directly impact you...Try to find out if what he is saying is infact true (which I doubt), or if he is just mistaken..

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  • raysaikat
    04-04 11:04 PM

    I am graduate student in Clinical Psychology. I am going to be working for a state employer during summer. This is mandatory for my program and I will receive 6 credits for it by the end of summer. However, due to some graduate school rules, I will have less than minimum credits to take during the Fall '10 and Spring '11 semesters. I was wondering if I could go ahead and work on CPT during summer (the employment is not paid), but register for those credits during Fall '10 and Spring '11 (breaking it up into 3 credits each) which will ensure my minimum registration.

    Also, can I apply for CPT during a semester when I have taken minimum credits required and I am a TA (full 20 hours)?

    Thank You in advance. Your timely opinion is appreciated!

    You need ask your school officials regarding their CPT policy. It varies from school to school.


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  • royus77
    06-22 03:44 PM
    I'm in same boat, upgraded to PP on June 1. your new status of I140 will be "We received request for PP".

    For H1's Ext its the same receipt number . I think for 140 it will be the same .I subscribed to the notification of case status and i received an update oon the case saying the Premium processing requested for the petition

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  • Prashanthi
    03-26 05:35 PM
    The Part 3 of form I-539 is asking below questions:
    1. I/We request that my/our current or requested status be extended until***** (mm/dd/yyyy): __________

    Here, actually, I'm applying for change of status & not extension. Should I write N/A or the I-94 expiry date of my spouse's H1 petition?

    I-94 expiry date of spouse

    2. Is this application based on an extension or change of status already granted to your spouse, child, or parent?

    Here, should I say Yes or No??

    If your spouse is already on H-1 it is a "YES"


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  • Tommy_S
    05-11 02:32 AM
    Titles are completely unreadable.

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  • babo
    07-31 10:31 AM
    We recently filed I485 for my K1 wife and got a RFE explaining that the I693 she handed over at the port of entry never made it to CIS. I presume it was lost at some point.

    Because we already had the I693 on file due to her entry, we only filed I693A with our I485. However they never got the I693, so the RFE requests a new one from an approved Civil Surgeon.

    However.. my wife is lucky enough to have another sealed envelope from her overseas examination with (we believe) her I693 + Xray in it.

    Does anyone think I should chance sending this to USCIS ? Or would it be best to just pay for another examination and get a new I693?

    One thing that makes me question the wisdom of sending in the overseas package is that the envelope is huge - bigger than 11"x17" at least - so I'm not sure how well it would survive mailing and/or be accepted.


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  • sw33t
    07-27 04:30 PM
    Sorry guys!

    I was trying to post this on the state chapters so we could get some engagement about this event. I didn't realize it would flood the main board.


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  • gcseeker2002
    01-16 10:07 AM
    I think at this pace, it should be for the grandchild!!!!!!
    We can write a will and put our priority date in it !!, but I dont think in 25 years from now(assuming we live that long) the US green card will hold any value ;)


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  • upuaut
    08-29 02:12 AM
    I think that you would need something like 3DSMax for that. It's not something that swift does well. I think if you created each finger joint in the lathe, and then put each together yourself, on the stage, you might be able to do it, but this is not something that swift does well.

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  • gchopes
    06-02 05:50 PM
    Thanks for your responses. Will the 240 day rule apply even if I reentered on AP and in parolee status?


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  • n2b
    02-05 12:10 PM
    Thank you both for the responses.

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  • sounakc
    10-13 10:56 AM
    can you give me the USCIS mailing address where you posted your wife's application. I am in the same situation a bit confused about their mailing address.


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  • raj76
    05-08 12:03 PM
    This may sound strange but, here is my situation. I'm currently on EAD and my I-94 expired last year after i got my EAD. Does this have any impact on my EAD renewal????:confused:

    01-03 05:25 PM
    On Sept. 14, President Bush signed the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, an ethics and lobbying reform bill, which enforces a number of new restrictions.

    Under the new law, lobbyists are prohibited from providing gifts, food, beverage and travel to Members of Congress, their staff or employees. A violation of this law could result in civil fines and/or criminal prosecution for the Company and individuals involved.



    01-14 10:43 PM
    Hi! I'm H1B holder and my company is willing to sponsor the green card. I'm coming from Eastern Europe (Moldova) and in US am working as software developer, I guess it's EB-3, right? I graduated in Romania Bachelor Degree in Mathematics & Computer Science (4 years) and Master Degree in Computer Science & Engineering (2 years). My work experience is more than 7 years. Please advice how to proceed to get this process done properly, legally and fast, reasonably possible and how much time it would probably take. Thanks in advance!

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